Broken Press is a custom design and screenprinting shop owned and operated by Andrew Crawshaw and Danielle Skredsvig in Seattle’s Fremont neighborhood. Specializing in posters, art prints and record packaging we work with every client to assure the best possible end product.

Some of our clients include:

Jon Smith (Smithbellcraft), Frida Clements, Jeff Kleinsmith, Wolves In The Throne Room, Neurosis, Robotic Empire, Hydra Head Records, Isis, Liars, Melvins, Sunn 0))), Factory 43, Chelsea Wirtz, Nat Damm, Kyler Martz, Sasha Barr, Ellis Latham-Brown, A Story of Rats, Overcast Design & Print, Brouwers, Alan Forbes, Simon Fowler, Southern Lord, Jordan Butcher, Debacle Records, Noah Gundersen, David D’Andrea, OM, Russian Circles, Codeine, Graveyard, Infinite Productions, The Soft Hills, Doomriders, Tragedy, Undertow, Demian Johnston, Max Clotfelter, Alabama Shakes, The Head & The Heart, Jesse Lortz, Actual Pain, King Dude, Samothrace, Mount Analog, The Seattle Passive Aggressive, Cvlt Nation, Paul Michael Dellstritto, Porchlight Coffee, Ouroboros Press, My Morning Jacket, Converge, Mutilation Rites, Randy Fung and many more.

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