The design is now up and it will be made available to purchase via paypal, for $30. A paypal store will be posted on the Broken Press page and will link to a paypal account. We are only printing 25-30 of them, so it’s on a first come basis. The 19″ x 25″ posters are a collaboration between Andy Crenshaw (Broken Press) and myself (sAnTos).

The proceeds from the sale of the prints will go to TREEHOUSE FOR KIDS of Seattle ( Treehouse is a group of concerned educators/social workers that help out foster kids in Seattle. The program involves such things as tutors and after school programs. Specifically, the proceeds will be going to fund the Meany Middle School program.

The image is posted in my “my photos” folder and on the Broken Press pages photos.

They will be shipped out the 1st week of January (due to holiday mail delivery being insane this time of year).

Treehouse For Kids

Go see Andy’s work and paypal store @

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