As of Wednesday morning my cat Rigby has had a bloodclot blocking bloodflow to his hind legs, thus paralyzing the rear half of his body. Danie and I have been up since then bringing him to the vet everyday, syringe feeding him food and administering medicine every couple hours. But this is all becoming very costly. To help offset things even a little bit I’ve decided to put almost everything in my webstore on sale. Most all show posters are down to $10. If he makes it through the next couple days he stands a strong chance of living a full healthy life. Don’t be surprised to find extra posters and test prints in most orders….Thanks!

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  1. aww dude… that sux! i wish i could buy a few prints to help out, but i’m in the poorhouse. i hope everything works out and rigby is back on his paws soon! stay positive lil’ duder!

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