• Barking, Burping, Sparring Elephant seals by the hundreds
• Fernwood Lodge
• Wig Wams Motel
• French Fries Burrito
• Winchester Mansion
• Monterey Bay Aquarium
• Getty Center
• Mulholland Drive
• Hollywood/Sunset Blvd.
• Venice Beach
• French Fries Sandwiches
• Big Sur
• In-N-Out Burger
• DVD’Andrea / Mauz / Monolith

Acquired listening
• Discordance Axis “Jouhou” LP, Distorted Pony “Work Makes Freedom” 12″, Ludicra “Hollow Psalms” & “S/T” 12″ EP, Wyrd “Heathen” LP, Craw “Lost Nation Road” LP, Dazzling Killmen “Face of Collapse” LP, Discordance Axis/Corrupted/324 CD, Laudanum ” The Apotheker” CD, Moon Duo “Killing Time” 12″ EP

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