Lots of stuff going on lately (far too much sometimes). First off, I am handing over all mailorder duties to the able hands of my girlfriend Danie. So all orders should be caught up quickly and there shouldn’t be any extended lags in recieving orders. My apologies to anyone who has been waiting your orders should be arriving soon.
With that I’m currently catching up on posting new items on the webstore. Both Broken Press t-shirts are now available along with a recent Crocodiles poster and an art print I designed, Lesbian/Kinski poster illustrated and designed by Justin Klein and Kevin Yuen’s Sunn 0))) poster. I’ll be posting a bunch more stuff very soon.

Tons of stuff happening lately. Below is a tour poster I just finished for an upcoming Lesbian/Pombagira European tour in April. I’m currently running around making last minute preparations for our trek to Flatstock/SXSW next week. After that I have a handful of new posters I’m working on. One of which is a tour poster I’ll be collaboratiting with Demian Johnston on for a band we’re both very fond of. There’s also a couple of cd layouts in the works, I’ll elaborate more in the next few weeks.