Tons of stuff happening right now. I just received my copies of the Wolves In The Throne Room European tour poster I designed for their tour last January-February. I only have a very limited amount of copies. You can buy them here

the Shining Ones “Motions in Light” live Cd-r is now available through Dead Accents. They are handscreened and limited to 100 copies. It contains a live set from the Rendezvous Jewel Box Theater.

Some of my work is also being featured in a group show of Seattle poster artists at Society Co. in Ballard. The show opens April 30th at 8pm. There will be a blog up soon with information about the opening and corresponding zine curated by C.M. Ruiz.

Lastly, I’m organizing two different poster series for ISIS and Wolves In The Throne Room for their respective upcoming U.S. tours. I will post the full listing of artists and cities once everything is finalized. I’m really excited about both series, there are some really great artists involved. Thank you to everyone who has helped me so far in pulling these together.