Upcoming Shining Ones actions.

This will also be our last show with Demian on vocals.
From theStranger.com:
Shining Ones, This Blinding Light, Fawn, A Story of Rats

(Rendezvous) It’s reassuring in our frantic age—where accolades are bestowed upon musicians for playing faster, cramming in more notes, and schizophrenically fusing ideas into some half-baked hodgepodge—that the deliberate, almost reactionary approach of doom metal is growing in popularity. Well, popular is a relative term. It’s doubtful the masses will ever appreciate the prolonged moribund disintegrations of Seattle’s doom-mongers Shining Ones. The group’s sound—sustained discordant guitar chords deteriorating into amp-rattling feedback, drums pounding with more emphasis on violence than meter, and tortured, utterly miserable vocals—is destined to appeal to a limited audience. But for the handful of masochistic souls who derive pleasure from this kind of barbarism, it’s a welcome respite, a meditative purging, and a therapeutic bludgeoning. BRIAN COOK


new/recent work….

Wolves In the Throne Room tour poster for upcoming Pacific NW tour
These will be available at the shows and online afterwards.
13.33″x26″ 6 colors (including glow in the dark,metallic silver and metallic gold)

T-shirt design for local black metal band Forest of Grey

Cover for this week’s Seattle Weekly.

T-shirt for Seattle band Fawn