Ardent Vein Cassette/ltd.100 black on heavy White paper hand screen printed packaging. coming soon on Dead Accents

Shining Ones CD-R/ltd.100 Silver on Black paper, hand screen print packaging. Coming soon on Dead Accents as well.
Final documentation of Demian on vocals.

This Blinding Light Cassette/ltd.77 Glow-In-The-Dark Yellow on Black paper, hand screen print packaging. Also being Released on Dead Accents.

Upcoming Shining Ones actions.

This will also be our last show with Demian on vocals.
Shining Ones, This Blinding Light, Fawn, A Story of Rats

(Rendezvous) It’s reassuring in our frantic age—where accolades are bestowed upon musicians for playing faster, cramming in more notes, and schizophrenically fusing ideas into some half-baked hodgepodge—that the deliberate, almost reactionary approach of doom metal is growing in popularity. Well, popular is a relative term. It’s doubtful the masses will ever appreciate the prolonged moribund disintegrations of Seattle’s doom-mongers Shining Ones. The group’s sound—sustained discordant guitar chords deteriorating into amp-rattling feedback, drums pounding with more emphasis on violence than meter, and tortured, utterly miserable vocals—is destined to appeal to a limited audience. But for the handful of masochistic souls who derive pleasure from this kind of barbarism, it’s a welcome respite, a meditative purging, and a therapeutic bludgeoning. BRIAN COOK