Ardent Vein Cassette/ltd.100 black on heavy White paper hand screen printed packaging. coming soon on Dead Accents

Shining Ones CD-R/ltd.100 Silver on Black paper, hand screen print packaging. Coming soon on Dead Accents as well.
Final documentation of Demian on vocals.

This Blinding Light Cassette/ltd.77 Glow-In-The-Dark Yellow on Black paper, hand screen print packaging. Also being Released on Dead Accents.

Below are some previews of a few upcoming Dead Accents releases. I will be handling the art direction for these and a bunch more releases in the coming year.
Dead Accents is run by Demian of Hemingway, he has been quietly putting out (very) limited edition cd-r’s and cassettes for the past year or so, everything thus far has had exceptional handmade packaging. I’m going to be working with him to step things up a bit and start doing larger edition sizes and hopefully a lot more releases.

DA 010 Sparkle Girl/ Hemingway split CD

DA 013 Wooden Teeth/Demian Johnston cdr ltd 150 copies

Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death / Hemingway split Cassette
*This will be a Broken Press release. This was supposed to come out forever ago but we’ve finally managed to get everything together and it should hopefully be out very soon.