Below are some previews of a few upcoming Dead Accents releases. I will be handling the art direction for these and a bunch more releases in the coming year.
Dead Accents is run by Demian of Hemingway, he has been quietly putting out (very) limited edition cd-r’s and cassettes for the past year or so, everything thus far has had exceptional handmade packaging. I’m going to be working with him to step things up a bit and start doing larger edition sizes and hopefully a lot more releases.

DA 010 Sparkle Girl/ Hemingway split CD

DA 013 Wooden Teeth/Demian Johnston cdr ltd 150 copies

Triumph Of Lethargy Skinned Alive To Death / Hemingway split Cassette
*This will be a Broken Press release. This was supposed to come out forever ago but we’ve finally managed to get everything together and it should hopefully be out very soon.

So thanks to Seattle’s inability to handle snow without freaking out my new band’s (Shining Ones) first show was cancelled. Which is not the greatest start for a project. So our would be second show (which will now be our first show) should hopefully occur Saturday January 10th @ the Rendezvous, pending no natural disaster’s or extreme weather decide to take over Seattle that day too. This will be a one off show for Salt Lake City’s mighty Eagle Twin. We also got asked to play an awesome show at the end of January that we’re pretty excited about…

I have finally setup a proper webstore! I will be posting more posters over the next few days along with some mono/test prints and mystery tube deals…keep your eyes peeled.
It also looks like all of the Hemingway spilt release that have been in the works forever will finally be seeing the light of day very soon…