Brand new Kinski shirts based off of my Kinski/Master Musicians poster from January. Sounds like the band will have these available on their upcoming Japanese tour.

Upcoming projects:
•Limited Edition Demian Johnston print set featuring artwork from “KTL IV”. Pre-orders will be posted soon.
•Sparkle Girl/Hemingway split cd-r, Sparkle Girl “Blind Sun Fucked Eye” cassette and Shining Ones “Solve Et Coagula” live cd-r will all be finished and available at the Shining Ones show on Wednesday at the Funhouse. We should have those posted online by the end of the week.
•Final stages of the Mamiffer/Oakeater split cassette boxset to be released on Dead Accents.
….and a ton of other great projects I’m excited to be involved with.

Shining Ones will be playing this Wednesday at the Funhouse in Seattle with Battlefields(ND), Irepress(MA) and Soiux City Pete & The Beggars.
Also, Demian will be playing a solo set at Dissonant Plane in Ballard on Friday at 7pm.

Recently Finished screenprinting work:
•Robyn Hitchcock Tour poster designed by Nat Damm
•Zaika 7″ covers and Hasegawa/Igler LP covers for ArchiveCD. Designed by Demian Johnston.
•Khanate “End: Capture & Release” DVD covers for Hydrahead. Designed by Stephen O’Malley.

One of Seattle’s local newspaper’s, The Stranger has been kind enough to select my Kinski poster as poster of the week. Thanks!


Poster of the Week

Andrew Crawshaw strays a bit from his trademark distressed- calligraphy/death-metal look in this mesmerizing poster for Kinski. It sort of reminds me of the downtown library. Which I like.

So thanks to Seattle’s inability to handle snow without freaking out my new band’s (Shining Ones) first show was cancelled. Which is not the greatest start for a project. So our would be second show (which will now be our first show) should hopefully occur Saturday January 10th @ the Rendezvous, pending no natural disaster’s or extreme weather decide to take over Seattle that day too. This will be a one off show for Salt Lake City’s mighty Eagle Twin. We also got asked to play an awesome show at the end of January that we’re pretty excited about…